Хотите получить cashback от поездки в Финляндию?

Участвуйте в акции «Хочу в Финляндию бесплатно с "Rajan Loma": счастливчикам мы вернем 100% стоимости проживания в эко арт деревне "Rajan Loma", еще двум — 50% и 3-ие место 25% стоимости! Что для этого нужно? 1. С 25 апреля по 30 мая 2018 года бронируйте и оплачивайте коттедж на сайте finartvillage.com 2. Делайте репост этой записи с хэштегом #хочувФинляндиюбесплатно 3. Напишите в комментарии, что именно Вы ждете от путешествия. Результаты объявим 31 мая на странице vk.com/rajanloma. Победитель определим случайным способом (с помощью сервиса ВКонкурс.рф) будет выбран победитель. Если именно Вы стали счастливым обладателем приза, мы вернем до 100% стоимости вашего бронирования.* Для желающих добраться до деревни не своим транспортом, предоставляем трансфер из Петербурга до "Rajan Loma". Подробные правила читайте ниже. Именно Вам повезёт! (more…)

Баня по-черному в финских коттеджах Rajan Loma

Что такое «баня по-черному»?   Баня по-черному — первый вариант аутентичной русской бани. Она представляет собой бревенчатую избу, в которой отсутствует перегородка между печью и парилкой. Все помещение обогревается костром, который горит в очаге. Источник отопления расположен в центре избы под грудой камней. Конструкция древней бани не предполагала трубы. Густой Read more…

From Petersburg to Finland.

Are you a young company of friends, loving active outdoor recreation with shish kebabs and hot mulled wine or a loving couple who wants to diversify their leisure time? If you have long dreamed to go on a budget trip with your friends or a second half to Finland, but the search engines do not give out beneficial offers, then our action is for you! All April Read more…

Spring Break

Very soon, Russian schools will begin their spring holidays. After a long and difficult third quarter, children are particularly in need of rest. How to organize time with children, have fun as it should and gain strength before the new academic quarter? (more…)

Christmas fairs and sales in Finland

Christmas fairs are a tradition of the Finns, which attracts not only the indigenous population, but also guests from neighboring countries. As in other European countries, the New Year in Finland is inferior in scope to the celebration of Christmas, therefore, to get to the opening of fairs and have time to grab off on sale of exclusive items, it is worth to go to Helsinki in the twenties. (more…)

How to celebrate New Year in Finland

Sparkling snow, cracking frost and picturesque atmosphere of Finland makes the New Year special. Shortly before New Year's Eve, Christmas is celebrated, which is celebrated on December 25. On this day the Finns give gifts and arrange a magnificent holiday. The New Year celebration is more modest. Nevertheless, the Finns have very interesting and entertaining traditions. (more…)

How to celebrate Christmas in Finland

Finns are so fond of this holiday, which is celebrated, as in all of Europe, from 24 to 25 December, which was named after him a month. December here is called joulukuu, which translates as "the month of Christmas". Pagan rituals and symbols closely intertwined with the Christian, and age-old traditions organically fit into modern variants of city celebrations. (more…)

Visa processing in St. Petersburg

Planning a trip to Europe for work or for recreation, the first question arises: what are the rules for entering this or that country and how to get a Schengen visa? The simplest way is to issue a Finnish visa, because Finland is the closest neighbor of St. Petersburg. As they said more recently - the closest "real" abroad. In addition, Finland always gives multivisa: the first time for six months, next for a year, and the price of a single and multiple-entry visas is the same. (more…)

A romantic trip by car to Finland or an original gift for Valentine's Day

The day of all lovers is coming - Valentine's Day. Many people start to think: "How to surprise your beloved soul mate?", "What is the original gift to give?". Jewelery and bijouterie - it's very corny. Flowers and sweets - tired. Perfume? Whatever it is, the exclusive perfume or cologne is just boring. And I want to surprise so that "Wow-go" and at the same time remain romantic. We have a great idea for you! (more…)

Winter holidays in Finland with children

Eco-art settlement Rajan Loma invites you to spend New Year's and Christmas holidays with your family in a cozy Finnish cottage. Active leisure in Finland in winter offers a lot of entertainment for the whole family. This is especially true if within a year you can not spend as much time together as you would like. For parents, New Year holidays Read more…

Eco holiday cottages in Finland

Comfortable, high-grade rest is an obligatory element of a modern city life. After the noisy, city streets, the impetuous pace of life and stuffy office space, each person wants to get as close to nature as possible, to stay in silence, breathing in the clear forest air, listen to the singing of birds and frequent splashes of fish on a nearby lake with crystal clear water. (more…)

Rent a house near a lake in Finland

Clean, mirrored water and clean air of Finnish lakes have always attracted tourists from Russia. Particularly fond of this tourist region of the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and other border regions of Russia. Rest on the lake in Finland can remain a vivid memory and a wonderful way to throw off all the fatigue that has accumulated during the previous months of city life, in a rapid modern rhythm. (more…)

Trip to Finland for the weekend

Travel to Finland is a common occupation for residents of border regions and St. Petersburg. This country attracts many wonderful fishing, unique landscapes and a peculiar, special mentality. A trip to Finland for the weekend from Moscow and St. Petersburg can be associated with shopping or the desire to boast to friends successful fishing. Here creative people are inspired, wishing to spend at least one day away from the city bustle. (more…)

Holiday in Finland in the summer on the lakes of the price

One of the main issues that need to be solved when planning a vacation is the allocated budget. The current prices for vacation in Finland this summer are very affordable and are quite capable of competing with any other resort countries of Europe. If we add to this the territorial proximity of our country, you will not find the best offer in the modern tourist market. And yet it is worthwhile to consider in more detail the cost of basic and supplementary services, so that the budget allocated for rest does not raise additional questions. (more…)

Rest with fishing in Finland

The country of a thousand lakes is famous for its abundance of picturesque fishing places. Recreation with fishing in Finland, where water bodies occupy a tenth of the territory, enjoys great popularity both among the local population and tourists. (more…)

5 reasons for coming to the Finnish art village Rajan Loma

Recently we decided to conduct a survey among our regular customers and find out, why they choose us. Among the expected answers like "you have an excellent service" revealed a lot of things that for us has long been an integral part atmosphere of Rajan Loma. Weekend in Finland - it can be unforgettable! Summing up. (more…)

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