Recently we decided to conduct a survey among our regular customers and find out, why they choose us. Among the expected answers like "you have an excellent service" revealed a lot of things that for us has long been an integral part atmosphere of Rajan Loma. Weekend in Finland - it can be unforgettable!

Summing up.

1. Finnish nature fascinates

Imagine: seven cozy wooden cottages located on the shore of the lake surrounded by a clear pine-birch forest, singing birds in the morning, hiking in the picturesque forest behind berries and mushrooms, boating on a mirror lake. Do you know that Finland is called "the edge of a thousand lakes"? This is not accidental. RajanLoma there are also five lakes, except the nearest one, and they are all beautiful.

2. We have everything for active recreation

Yes, in the houses it is very comfortable to live - there is everything you need from a kettle to an equipped shower. However, in nature and pulls to do sports, and not just lie on the beach or relax in the sauna and sauna (which in itself - also an excellent option). For each season we have our own joy: in the summer we ride bicycles, play soccer and volleyball, practice Nordic walking, and in winter - of course, skiing and ski!

3. Meditation or how to find a way to yourself

How often do you try to relax in a noisy metropolis when we try to relax in a noisy metropolis, that we are constantly distracted by something? The fact is that in this environment we solve a huge number of tasks every day, we experience stress. Therefore, in order to truly recover spiritually, we need to change the situation drastically. A sunny glade, a beach and a dock with boats are an ideal place for meditations.

4. Creativity is our hobby

Our art village is part of the Rachmaninov Art Holding, which hosts many art events in St. Petersburg, and there are plenty of art events - forums, exhibitions, concerts, plein airs, etc. Therefore Rajan Loma became a kind of art-residence of famous St. Petersburg artists, you can always find not only their creations, but also their own - cheerful and rest. In each house you will find brushes and easels - especially for creativity.

5. The best vacation - with the family

The art village Rajan Loma s simply designed for family holidays. Of course, we also offer concierge services, but when you come here, relatives become inseparable - that's such a paradox! I always want to do everything together in the company here. Especially for children we have: master classes in photography and painting - on request, a theater circle, evening views and discussions of movies, a health massage.

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