Travel to Finland is a common occupation for residents of border regions and St. Petersburg. This country attracts many wonderful fishing, unique landscapes and a peculiar, special mentality. A trip to Finland for the weekend from Moscow and St. Petersburg can be associated with shopping or the desire to boast to friends successful fishing. Here creative people are inspired, wishing to spend at least one day away from the city bustle.

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You are always waiting for affordable prices and European service, which allows you to fully enjoy the comfort and carry out everything conceived, in just one weekend. Such trips are popular among residents of St. Petersburg and Vyborg, Svetogorsk and Sortavala, Kostomuksha and other border regions. From here every weekend there are sent buses of buses, which for 20-30 euros will take you to any of the major cities of the country.

Trip from Moscow

This country is distinguished by its pristine nature, clean air and a huge number of lakes, allowing to organize trips, with the head plunging into fishing on the stocked reservoirs. Given the huge number of different water bodies and lakes, breeding and catching fish is a serious income graph in the country's economy. Here you can find a lot of paid and free places for catching the most diverse fish. In this area are found bream, crucian carp, perch, pike perch and pike, fishing on which is very popular with our fellow citizens. Renting a house, you can enjoy excellent opportunities for professional fishing, immediately preparing your catch on open fire and spending unforgettable moments in the company of friends.

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Settling near the resort, you will not have a problem renting a boat and fishing gear, and for complete comfort you can cheaply rent a holiday house and provide yourself with maximum comfort and rest during the night.

Rent a cottage for the weekend can be significantly cheaper than in other countries. Ecologically clean and safe terrain will allow you with the maximum comfort to spend a weekend, it will be charged with vivacity and energy, so necessary for future accomplishments. You can go with the whole family or spend a week-end in complete solitude and silence, rested from the city noise and bustle.

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This country is famous for its excellent opportunities for modern shopping. Thanks to this, you always have a great opportunity to relax by organizing a trip to local shops and boutiques.

Whatever goals you pursue, the art village "Rajan Loma" is always ready to receive guests and provide every opportunity to ensure that this week-end remains in your memory exclusively positive memories. If you want to rent a cottage for the weekend, you can not find a better place to relax.

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