The country of a thousand lakes is famous for its abundance of picturesque fishing places. Recreation with fishing in Finland, where water bodies occupy a tenth of the territory, enjoys great popularity both among the local population and tourists.

On the shore of one of the numerous Finnish lakes is the unique eco-village Rajan Loma, where lovers of fishing and professionals can "take your soul" or just relax from the city bustle and noise in the nature in a quiet atmosphere.

If you do not want to be limited to a day trip to nature for a catch, use the rental service of the cottage. You can not only surprise your friends with photos of the catch, but also meet the dawn in silence, admiring the water surface, and then go on a well-deserved rest in a comfortable cottage.

Rest with fishing is actual all year round, therefore cottages in Rajan Loma are available for rent in any season. Depending on the weather outside the window you can practice different types of fishing, types of bait, etc.

In the local waters there are up to 60 species of fish. Perch, pike, whitefish, carp - is not a complete list of trophies that can be caught in the lake Rajan Loma.

So, to catch a pike (this is considered quite a challenge) can be from May to December. No license is required. The exception is if you use a spinner. But getting an official permit, which is inexpensive, will not be difficult.

Perch is considered to be the national fish of the country of Suomi and it can be caught all year round. Among the whitefish species can come across specimens weighing more than 5 kg! Many guests rent cottages and come to Rajan Loma just for the sake of this exceptional variety!

Features of fishing

The contribution of fishing and related industries to the economy of Finland is far from the last. The development and popularization of fishing brings results, attracting more and more tourists (including from Russia) every year, who rent cottages in Rajan Loma and enjoy this activity. It is not surprising that the state is actively developing this industry and is making efforts to popularize it. From year to year, the number of tourists (many of whom are Russians) who specially rent cottages remains stably high.

In the art village of Rajan Loma you can combine a comfortable stay in cozy houses in eco-style with fishing and entertainment. After a notable catch, you can relax on the sandy beach or rent a boat on the pier by the lake. To gain strength for new achievements and to strengthen health will help you Finnish sauna or Russian bath - after these procedures you will feel incredible lightness, energy and renewal.

On the site of our company you can book a house for both one person and a large company. In each of them can comfortably accommodate 4-6 people. Choose the one you like best and specify the dates of arrival!

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