Planning a trip to Europe for work or for recreation, the first question arises: what are the rules for entering this or that country and how to get a Schengen visa? The simplest way is to issue a Finnish visa, because Finland is the closest neighbor of St. Petersburg. As they said more recently - the closest "real" abroad. In addition, Finland always gives multivisa: the first time for six months, next for a year, and the price of a single and multiple-entry visas is the same.

The Finnish visa center requires the least number of documents, no need to confirm hotel reservations. Making a Finnish visa is a fairly simple and fast process. We offer useful information on obtaining a visa in St. Petersburg.

There are several options: you can contact the travel agency or the Single Document Center (Krasnaya Tekstilshchikov st., 10-12). Of course, this will require additional funds. Art Hotel "Rachmaninov" offers assistance in obtaining visas for its guests for free.

The good news is that since 2015, due to the crisis, Finnish two-year visas have been issued for those who already had them. So boldly ask for one. It is important to remember that the number of entries to Finland should be greater than the number of entries to other countries in the Schengen area. It's not a problem. Imatra or Lappeenranta is only 200 kilometers from St. Petersburg.

Fill in the visa application and make an appointment to the visa center you can directly on the site or directly in the visa center. (Finnish Visa Application Center: Marata Street, 5/21, Olympic Plaza Plaza, 3rd floor, St. Petersburg, 191025 (Mayakovskaya metro station) If the application process makes it difficult for you, then for a fee of 200 rubles the employee of the visa center.

The cost of the Schengen visa in St. Petersburg:

The visa fee is 35 euros, in addition to the visa fee, a fee is charged for the services of the visa center at a rate of 26.75 euros (including VAT) from one application. All children under 6 years of age are exempted from paying a service fee. Insurance from 350 rubles. A photo from 200 rbl. Total, the minimum amount for a visa is 60 euros + 550 rubles. Insurance can be found in the search engine of insurance programs

The size of the visa fee charged in Russian rubles may vary depending on the exchange rate. The fee is not refundable.

The necessary documents for the visa application for St. Petersburg:

Valid foreign passport. The passport must be valid for three months after the expiration of the visa and have at least two blank pages. We draw your attention that when submitting documents it is necessary to provide all valid foreign passports.

Russian passport with photocopies of the installation page and registration, photocopy can be done right at the visa center for 10 rubles page.

A photograph can be made directly in the visa center from 200 rubles.

A birth certificate for a child, if you issue a visa for him and his photocopy.

Medical insurance issued in advance.

You can pay fees in the visa center. Deadline for registration depends on the workload of the visa center. On the site of the visa center you will be able to track the readiness of visas.

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