Clean, mirrored water and clean air of Finnish lakes have always attracted tourists from Russia. Particularly fond of this tourist region of the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and other border regions of Russia. Rest on the lake in Finland can remain a vivid memory and a wonderful way to throw off all the fatigue that has accumulated during the previous months of city life, in a rapid modern rhythm.

The current prices for summer holidays are much lower than similar tourist spending in another European country. Therefore, local lakes are also attractive from the economic point of view. The art village "Rajan Loma" is located near the Russian-Finnish border, on the shore of a beautiful lake surrounded on all sides by deciduous and coniferous forests. If you want to profitably rent a house by the lake, you can not find a better place to relax.

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Cottage rental on the lake in Finland

This is an effective solution for traveling with the whole family or for those who want to be alone and appreciate all the beauties of Finnish nature. "Rajan Loma" is located on the shore of a beautiful lake with crystal clear water and is surrounded by a deciduous and coniferous forest, which is full of various berries, as well as animals that can be exotic for the inhabitants of Russia.

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The price of such a holiday is very affordable, and in order to feel all the charms of living in nature, and at the same time save money, you can come here with a tent and pay only for parking, use all the free services that are provided on the resort. In addition, for a fee, you can always rent a boat, bike, and fishing gear. This will help significantly brighten up your leisure time on vacation and will not give you boredom. Separately it is worth noting about the favorite occupation of Russians - namely the Russian bath in the black and Finnish sauna. If you want, you can relax here by a big company and improve your health.

Lake house Finland

Actual prices make it possible to guarantee quality rest even for budget tourists. This is an invaluable place for cycling tours on specially worked out, forest routes, which will help you to get acquainted with nature and excellent landscapes. Beginners here will have a unique opportunity to hone their skills, besides the easel and paints you will get for free.

Available cottage rental on the lake is an excellent option for a quality, modern holiday in one of the most beautiful and nature-rich countries of north-eastern Europe.

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The proximity of Finland is an excellent addition to all the advantages of a local holiday. You can come here by your own car, by bus or by transfer from St. Petersburg. For tourists with an unlimited budget, air travel is always available, with which you can enjoy the excellent nature of this wonderful country within an hour.

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