Comfortable, high-grade rest is an obligatory element of a modern city life. After the noisy, city streets, the impetuous pace of life and stuffy office space, each person wants to get as close to nature as possible, to stay in silence, breathing in the clear forest air, listen to the singing of birds and frequent splashes of fish on a nearby lake with crystal clear water.


All these sensations you can experience, having gone on eco-rest in Finland. In the art village "Rajan Loma" you are always welcome with a warm welcome and ample opportunities for creative recreation, far from the noise of the modern city and the hustle and bustle. Elegant deciduous and coniferous forest, lake surface with crystal clear water are waiting for you. It attracts lovers of quality fishing, nature untouched by man and simply creative personalities who need inspiration for future achievements. Rest in the eco-village will allow you to feel the unity with nature and enjoy the pristine beauty of these places.

The best place to relax away from noisy cities

"Rajan Loma" opens chic possibilities, which gives a comfortable rest in the eco-village on weekends or on vacation. A wide range of opportunities for active pastime allows you to find classes for people of different ages and with different vital interests. Fishing, biking and a free easel for drawing are just some of the possibilities that allow you to effectively organize your leisure while settling in an eco-cottage. Here they will also be able to find the connoisseurs of the Finnish sauna and the Russian bath in black, who are built in full accordance with long-standing traditions. In addition, the presence of a grill allows you to cook fish caught here and provide yourself with delicious, environmentally friendly food for the entire rest period.


Comfortable rest in eco-cottage by the lake

Special attention should be paid to cottages provided for tourists. Traditional Finnish buildings made of wood are a great place to live, both alone and a large company. The appropriate interior of the premises will help to fully convey the charm of the local culture and leave positive impressions for the whole next year. Each eco-cottage is equipped with a fireplace that will provide comfort and warmth even in the cold season. Once you arrive here, you will surely remember this trip and want to return here again, at the first opportunity.

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