Eco-art settlement Rajan Loma invites you to spend New Year's and Christmas holidays with your family in a cozy Finnish cottage. Activities in Finland in winter offer plenty of entertainment for the whole family. This is especially true if within a year you can not spend as much time together as you would like. For parents, New Year's holidays and a whole winter vacation in a cottage in Finland is a great opportunity to spend time in a romantic atmosphere, and for children - plunge headlong into the fabulous atmosphere of this winter.

отдых в финляндии зимой

Winter rest in Finland with children when pre-booking a cottage will allow you to take advantage of the discount - within the framework of the promotional offer. We do not doubt: you will find what to spend on money saved. What New Year holidays without gifts ?!

Reservation before 31 December
Booking from 3 daysBooking from 5 days
  • free linen;
  • house cleaning;
  • the opportunity to take a boat for 1 hour or two bicycles for 2 hours.
  • free linen;
  • house cleaning;
  • boat or two bicycles for 1 day.
Reservation 1 December to 31 January
Booking from 3 daysBooking from 5 days
  • free linen;
  • house cleaning;
  • 2 pairs of skis for 2 hours.
  • free linen;
  • house cleaning;
  • one visit to the sauna;
  • 2 pairs of skis for one day.

Prices for the New Year holidays in Finland are noticeably lower than the cost of family visits to other European countries or trips to the usual winter resorts. Those who travel to Finland for the first time are guaranteed positive impressions, the opportunity to admire the fantastic scenery of the winter Finnish forests, outdoor activities, winter fishing, skiing and visiting traditional Finnish saunas.

Cottages for winter vacations in Finland: what to do

Rest in Finland in winter in a cottage is an opportunity to be alone with family, by yourself and nature. Especially valuable it will be for residents of megacities, for which the fallen snow is associated with traffic jams and gray mass underfoot. Winter in Finland, especially in such secluded places as Rajan Loma, actually does not carry traces of human presence. What more could you wish for New Year's magic?

New Year holidays in Finland offer a lot of activities, including the opportunity to complete the cases, which do not reach the hands:

  • read the book you started on your last vacation;
  • o revise with the family New Year or Christmas comedies and to build a new relationship with children in a new way;
  • to teach their loved ones to ski and to open the children the pleasure of sledding;
  • finally get enough sleep, take a break from the phone, e-mail, and the work as a whole;
  • See all the new series of series over the past year;
  • a trip to New Year's holidays in Finland - the best opportunity to experience yourself in winter fishing. And that does not catch a cold in the cold, be sure to order a sauna for the evening;
  • Winter vacation in Finland with children also gives the opportunity to use the cottage as a permanent base for travel around the neighborhood;
  • Do you want to make a surprise for the children and give real New Year experiences? Then, in addition to booking a cottage in Rajan Loma, you should plan a trip to the residence of Santa in Lapland.

Prices for active holidays in Finland: average vacation budget

The cost of cottages for winter holidays in Finland depends on the dates and duration of the planned stay. Depending on your preferences in leisure and meeting holidays. In this regard, vacation with children in Finland in winter can be attributed to the medium-budget, but providing new experiences and giving the opportunity to get to know the country.

A trip to the New Year holidays in Finland is possible on private vehicles. For some, naturally, a flight with a subsequent transfer will be more preferable. Whichever option you choose, the consultants of our company will tell you about everything, what you should pay attention to, so that the trip was without adventures.

Already set up to roll the children on a reindeer harness and show them how Santa's helpers work? Book the cottages for the dates of your interest and get ready for the trip!

Specify the prices for the rest in winter in Finland from our managers by phone +7 (931) 270-89-89 or by sending an e-mail to

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