The foliage gradually changes green color, changing into shades of brown, yellow orange and red, which play under the sun rays the last symphony before the arrival of colds. No time of the year can offer so diverse landscapes, picturesque panoramas and an abundance of emotions. Holidays in Finland in the fall - the fate of artists and artists who are looking for inspiration for creating masterpieces.

A variety of natural colors gave the name of the first autumn months - "Ruska". It is nature that becomes the main attraction of Scandinavia. Forest paths, lost in the thickets of trees, a mirror panorama of the blue sky reflected in the lake, and lonely leaves floating like boats on the surface of the water, give complete harmony and pacification.

Finnish autumn is a wonderful time for:

  • forest walks along the path past century-old trees right on the edge with roe deer;
  • gathering of mushrooms and berries - the gifts of the forest are here at every step, you just have to take a closer look, and you already have a basket of chanterelles and ceps;
  • fishing on a boat in the middle of the lake with a chic panorama to the golden shore - the best gift for the lover;
  • evening picnics by the fire with songs to the guitar and exciting stories in the company of friends;
  • baths - Finnish or Russian - for any guest's preferences.

Rent a cottage in Finland in the autumn is a unique opportunity to enjoy a holiday in full. The off-season in Scandinavia is quite warm, so this time loves couples with children. Excellent nature and an exciting program will help to choose classes for each member of the family.

A Weekend in Earthly Paradise

The village of Rajan Loma is located at the foot of the mountain, therefore the views from each house are enchanting. On 8 hectares of land you can walk without crossing other people. In total, the guests have 4 cottages, designed to accommodate from 2 to 4 guests.

The houses are built of pine deadwood, which is famous for its good heat and air exchange capabilities. Thus, while maintaining a stable microclimate, comfortable for living, the premises are always saturated with fresh clean air.

If you want to rent a house in Finland in autumn, we offer:

  • advance booking for selected dates;
  • selection of entertainment program;
  • consulting and assistance in the preparation of the lease.

Relax in ART WILLAGE: spend an unforgettable weekend with the heart of Scandinavia.

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