One of the main issues that need to be solved when planning a vacation is the allocated budget. The current prices for vacation in Finland this summer are very affordable and are quite capable of competing with any other resort countries of Europe. If we add to this the territorial proximity of our country, you will not find the best offer in the modern tourist market. And yet it is worthwhile to consider in more detail the cost of basic and supplementary services, so that the budget allocated for rest does not raise additional questions.

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Finland summer holidays prices

The first question that should be decided in advance when calculating the prices for vacation in Finland is transport. In the absence of personal transport, the ideal solution will be a transfer from St. Petersburg, which will cost you only 100 euros. If you wish to cross the border by bus, you can drive to the city of Kitee and from there order a car, the cost of which will cost you about 1 euro per km.

For travelers with a minimum budget, we have the option of installing tents or trailers. This will help significantly reduce the cost of living, because renting a parking space will cost you only 20-35 euros per day, depending on the number of residents. At the same time, all free services provided by the art village of Rajan Loma will be available to you. If living in the open air is not included in your plans, you are always available comfortable four-bed cottages, cost from 55 to 110 euros per day, depending on comfort and functional saturation. To this sum it is also necessary to add the cost of compulsory cleaning, amounting to 10 euros.

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Among the most common services that most tourists book, the first place is naturally a Russian bath or a Finnish sauna. In 2016, prices for vacation in Finland remained the same, so the cost of these services has not increased and is 70 and 35 euros for two hours respectively.

Given the very high cost of transporting food, you need to stock up on provisions from the house. This will help significantly save on nutrition and will not require you to additional financial injections into the budget allocated for rest. In addition, you can always cook fish caught right there and any rest, familiar with fishing, without food will not remain.

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Finland vacation prices

Separately it is worth noting that the prices of vacation in Finland in the summer of 2016 are the best option for fishing enthusiasts. Here you are always available a full range of services, allowing you to come for fish for a weekend or a holiday. Always at your service is a stocked lake and an affordable boat rental - 5 euros for 2 hours or 15 euros for the whole day. Also in the art village of Rajan Loma you can always rent fishing equipment to reduce the amount of baggage carried with you. In general, it can be noted that the current prices for vacation in Finland in 2016 remained at the same level and offer great opportunities for fishermen and tourists.

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