A comfortable stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city is the dream of every person, regardless of his wealth and requirements. After hard everyday life and problems at work with a head to plunge into communication with nature, enjoy the singing of birds and the chic landscapes - this is a luxurious way to gain strength for future achievements.

For those who like to relax in their own trailer or with accommodation in tents, we offer quality camping on the territory of the eco-art village "Rajan Loma". At your service the whole range of services and a peaceful stay amid the forest on the shore of the lake with crystal clear water. Camping in Finland  will allow you to get close to nature and for a while forget all the problems and everyday concerns that accompany the lives of every resident of a modern city.


Rest in tents away from noise and urban fuss

This option of rest is not only an ideal solution for tourists with a limited budget, but will also allow you to experience all the beauty, charm and romance of living in the open air. The camping service is an ideal option for those who come here for some specific purpose, for example, for unforgettable fishing. In addition, this is an excellent option for owners of trailers and houses on wheels. In addition, this is an excellent option for owners of trailers and houses on wheels.

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Wide opportunities for recreation

Accommodation in tents on the territory of the village "Rajan Loma" opens for tourists the full range of available services, including a lot of free services, which includes:

  • Volleyball court;
  • a beach that is perfect for sunbathing;
  • a huge library of its own;
  • an opportunity to take an easel and accessories for drawing;
  • access to the common living room with TV;
  • luggage storage;
  • fishing.

The territory of the eco-art village is maximally furnished and optimized for your comfortable rest. You can perform walking and cycling tours along the prepared routes, spend time on the wooden pier and enjoy the beauties of the local nature.


Fishing on the shore of the lake

The camping sites that we offer assume amazing opportunities for organizing modern fishing. You can always rent a tackle, a boat and everything you need and enjoy great fishing. The blue surface of the lake and the stocked places will provide a decent catch and an unforgettable vacation. After that, you can prepare your catch on the shore, using the grill offered by us.

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Elegant nature is always at your service

Spectacular, fantastic landscapes are a wonderful addition that will make your. rest in the Finnish campsite. The village "Rajan Loma" is located directly in the forest, which guarantees the cleanest air, the presence of many birds and a variety of living creatures. Untouched natural areas, leaf noise, needle smells, mushrooms and berries - all these delights are waiting for you in full.

Forest landscapes and ponds are a great way to get inspiration

Here creative people can find their inspiration, which from time to time you need to be alone with yourself and gather your thoughts. Accommodation in a tent can perfectly meet these requirements, and after a week or even a weekend, you will be completely ready for new achievements and achievements.

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A wide range of services in the eco-art village "Rajan Loma"

The camping offered by us suggests a wide range of additional services, thanks to which everyone can organize exactly such a holiday, which will fully correspond to his interests. We will provide you with everything you need from a transfer in Finland, to a bundle of firewood to kindle a fire. There is a Russian sauna and a Finnish sauna, karaoke and rental bicycles, skis and sledges.


Always affordable prices and a professional approach to organizing your holiday

In addition to other advantages, our service also has a very attractive, affordable price for a guest. The location for the tent or trailer in the complex with the entire range of additional services will cost you only 20-35 euros, depending on the number of people living. This offer is one of the most profitable in the region and is especially attractive for tourists from Russia. Still have questions? Ask them to our consultants in the phone mode or by using the feedback form.

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