The day of all lovers is coming - Valentine's Day. Many people start to think: "How to surprise your beloved soul mate?", "What is the original gift to give?". Jewelery and bijouterie - it's very corny. Flowers and sweets - tired. Perfume? Whatever it is, the exclusive perfume or cologne is just boring. And I want to surprise so that "Wow-go" and at the same time remain romantic. We have a great idea for you!

So, you will need: a car, Schengen visas, a navigator and a preliminary booking of a house in the eco-art village "Rajan Loma":

We drive into the navigator route to Rajan Loma Oy and begin our journey!

We are going by expressway from Petersburg to Finland, but not to Helsinki (ordinary routes by car to Finland are not suitable for the day of all lovers), and in the other direction - to Finnish Karelia!

It's easy to guess that your path will lie in the vast expanses of its beauty. From St. Petersburg you go 2-2.5 hours to Svetogorsk, on the way you jump on "Lukoil" just before Vyborg. There it is worth refueling and tasting delicious baked goods with tea, making a green card and without delay, driving on! In Vyborg do not stop by and turn to Svetogorsk. From there you can easily reach the glorious Finnish town called Imatra. The customs crossing of both borders will take no more than an hour. It should be noted that this border post with the Russian customs is famous for its friendliness. Immediately after the control is Duty Free. Here we bypass everything except alcohol! The prices are very funny, but take only champagne! The real imported Moet Chandon and Veuve Clicquot are two or even three times cheaper than in our stores. We take and immediately uncork and pour into a pre-stored real glass. It is important! Do not drink yourself (you're driving), and treat your companion. This will knock her off the spot, and she will begin to guess that she is not a simple guy, but a gentleman who knows a lot about courtship.

Finland. Imatra in winter

Finland. Imatra in winter

In Imatra, you can linger on an hour and stroll by the waterfall, looking into the ancient hotel-castle, in which Nicholas II himself liked to stay. This cozy Finnish town, despite the fact that it is very small, has many shops located along and near a pedestrian street. If your girlfriend is a shopaholic, then give her an hour! 😉 Here you can find cute little things, especially in a sports store near the supermarket, try tasty Finnish ice cream, which is sold in a larock. Take the three balls in the sugar tube, get in the car and pour one more glass of your companion! Here she does not just understand, but will also be confirmed in the opinion that her boyfriend is the best! From Imatra, take the No. 6 road (Imatra, Suomi), along which there are only 200 km of a boring path.










Approximately on the 50th kilometer and not reaching the town of Parikkala, you will see the signpost Patsaspuisto, carefully look to the right. In the deep bushes of bushes there will be a parking lot for rest, but ... There is the most important thing on this path! Incredible and crazy, and to someone seemingly scary and very few known park sculptures Veyo. Once the park was the usual courtyard of a lone forest house, and now it is considered one of the most frightening tourist places not only in Europe, but all over the world! For more than forty years of work, a self-taught artist with a severe form of autism, Wei Рu Ronkkönen created about 500 concrete sculptures that surrounded his house. Their uniqueness and diversity amazes, especially if you consider that for all this time the artist did not leave the territory of his yard. This place is frightening and exciting! What are you going to do here? Of course, take pictures and collect likes in all social networks! By the way, the entrance to the park is absolutely free.

Following the route about 50 km, you will have one more, but already tasty impression. A cafe near a gas station called Pivanka is a favorite place for Finns. Here, before 5 pm, a "buffet" is served with abundant and incredibly tasty Finnish food. For 14 euros you can bite salad, salmon or mushroom cream soup, a variety of hot for a second and awesome dessert. Ration! To this, Morse and homemade kvass. All in unlimited quantity! Next to the cafe (behind the glass door) there is a garage in which the owner keeps his collection of rare cars! Be sure to arrange a photo session! Now you have about 100 km left. We include cheerful music and sing along the couplets to the snow-covered distance. Do not miss the turn from the track on the right to Viesimontie. Continue for another 3 km uphill through the fairy forest among the pines and birches. Prepare the camera. It is very beautiful in here! Be careful, the hare, the fox, and the magnificent bird can appear. One famous artist, having come here with his family, saw a snowman at the lake at night, but that was the night after he had finished celebrating his birthday! 😉

slide villa_hdr2-jpg









And here you are on the site, in the eco-art village "Rajan Loma". From the mountain near the house, where you get the key from the hut of the artist, a magnificent sunset opens, so it's worth hurrying (on February 14 - it's around 5:00 pm). About the hut we will not write. Only one thing to say - you are visiting a fairy tale! The most romantic and cozy in the world of a fairy tale! You will be happier here than ever in this virgin silence of the pine forest by the purest lake under the gentle rustle of spruce and birch branches with a charming view from the window of a warm house - a chalet. Well, and your companion will be delighted with what a stunning Finnish quest you have so wonderfully passed by car! 😉

Love, be loved and please your beloved with original gifts, because memories and impressions are the most valuable and lasting in our life.


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